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About Madhushay – Madhushay

About Madhushay

Madhushay was established out of our enthusiasm for honey, honeybees and beekeeping.

Everything began during COVID-19 Lockdown in June 2020, when we 3 friends take an energetic stroll at night, it started our discussion while talking about apiculture. We all had one thing in common, enthusiasm towards apiculture, how healthy honey is to life and horticulture biological system. We quickly began looking web for data, on compiling the information we made sense of how we can help farmers with additional income and helping their yields battle pollen which takes care of the two issues for them with no need of extra piece of land.

We got trained for exceptional beekeeping through internet videos and functional experience with a nearby apiary and took certification from Indian Research Institute for Bees. Our focus on healthy life for individuals which is our objective and educate towards healthy food lifestyle.

We aim our goal to make 100% Raw Organic Honey for wellbeing. Honeybee amass honey from variety of region-specific plants in different categories. Our source apiary located in different regions where rich in nutrients single origin or mono flowered honey such as Benzolive Tree, Black Plum Tree, Coconut Palm, Holy Basil Plant, Sapindus Tree, Azadirachta Indica Tree which are purer and less adulterated with medicinal properties along with wild honey straight from forest and multiflowered regions. Our fully equipped lab helps us to keep quality steady.

Madhushay teams up with small farmers across different regions of India to produce 100% natural honey by training and development of techniques and importance of flora with enduring mechanism. We have distinguished that beekeeping can assume a significant role in government commitment of multiplying the farm income by 2022 as bees assist to boost crop yields by 20-30%. We pledge to protect our nations agrobiodiversity and introduce new technology with traditional technique to small farmers.

``Believe it or not, you've got a bee to thank for each one in three bites of food you eat``

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