100% Pure & Raw Wildflower Honey 250g

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Naturally extracted cold processed 100% Wildflower Raw Honey straight from apiary to your kitchen.

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Bee Healthy! Is what we aim for our society. Naturally extracted cold processed unpasteurized, unprocessed100% Wildflower Raw Honey straight from apiary to your kitchen. Wildflower honey is gathered by bees from wild plants which consist of great medicinal properties.

Madhushay honey is sourced from highly trained and well-practiced beekeepers. We ensure that they are retrained by our experts for ethical beekeeping practices. Honey is harvested in observation of quality professional which is then sent to Govt. Testing Laboratory of Honey for testing of quality parameters. Specific Tests like Additives or Sucrose are done to ensure presence of any adulteration in the sourcing channel.

“Our Honey is Pure & Natural” this is the most common sales line for honey sold in the Indian market, but are their claims true? Most of the honey sold as raw are not exactly raw as mentioned. Certain process does not allow them to title 100% Raw as we claim. When we say raw, it is complete cold process, not even mild heat used for packaging. Non heated raw honey is generally tending to crystallize as there is no heating process. Honey’s texture is solely depend on which month it is extracted, because throughout the year flowering of different plants are at different season which makes honey taste and texture different unlike commercial honey which taste the same across all the batches throughout the year.

Uncapped Honey Was the extraction done ethically? Most of the beekeepers harvest the honey before even it is capped by bees and leave no food for bees. In the process, they also kill new bee larva (eggs) by extracting from the brood chamber. Ethical practice does not allow honey to be extracted from brood chamber (bee food area), scientifically honey is always extracted from suppers where honeybees stores the excess amount of honey. After filling of honeycomb with nectar they seal the caps with beeswax which then turns into honey by evaporating water content in a natural process.

As per Beeline report 76% honey sold in India are fake. Modern adulteration in honey makes it difficult to identify fake vs real honey. To make honey available at low cost and boost the quantity, is where the adulteration process starts earning them high profits. Advance lab testing parameters detects such adulterations like HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup), Jaggery Syrup, Glucose Syrup, Molasses, Invert Sugar, Rice Syrup which easily passes traditional testing. Hence Advance testing parameters are highly recommended. This adulterated honey is very dangerous and lead to diabetes and heart problems.

“Honey I eat, is Honey you get” I would not want your family to have honey, which I would not allow my family to have.

Nilesh Ramani – Co-Founder


  1. Crystallization is normal phenomena of natural honey.
  2. Every Batch may vary in taste & texture by +/- 10% as per season and climate conditions.
  3. Not for children under 1 year.

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